Whiteboard Annimation

How we do it

Our whiteboard pricing is very simple, because we'd rather be making our videos than dealing with complex invoicing, proposals, etc.  We base our cost on the run time of the show.  As the script is developed we do test reads to let  you know where the project stands, so that material can be edited if budget constraints  arise.  Or you tell us up front (for example) "My budget is for a two minute show", and we make sure the scripting fits this requirement. Our price includes the entire process, from script development, storyboard and production, through edit and production of files suitable for internet viewing (such as YouTube or posting on your website).  Narration is provided by our in-house talent, and if appropriate, royalty free music.

Whiteboard-Animation x350



Let's tell your story.

Whiteboard animation is an exciting technology that allows anyone to create an animated video to tell their story. Whiteboard makes it easy to put together an animated sequence using simple online tools.

By crafting simple — and beautiful — animations, one can get their point across quickly and with ease. With so much information out there, the faster one can pitch their product the better.

Euclid Marketing provides the best production team to digest, create and communicated your unique Whiteboard video to your audience. The artist and production team are the finest in the business and want to discuss creating your new whiteboard annimation. Whiteboard animation can be utilized to create everything from beautiful, full-color presentations to simple hand drawn animations.

Studies have shown that a Whiteboard animation can be 3X more effective at getting one’s message across than with a written proposal, and with social media sharing and outreach such an important part of one’s online presence, a Whiteboard video is 3X more likely to be shared, liked, and re-tweeted than a “talking heads” video, where a spokesperson talks about a business or product.

It has been shown that people of all ages register Whiteboard animations better than “talking heads” videos, and have a tendency to remember what was said in the video more.

Whiteboard animation can be an excellent way for you to get your message across. People like Whiteboard videos, and the more someone likes what they see online, the more the tendency is to share it. Whiteboard is a great way get people to listen to you.

The best part about Whiteboard videos is that you can keep making new and different animations to share one your blog, your website, and across social media. Whiteboard videos are powerful tools to let people know about your business or ideas, and Euclid Marketing provides you with the technology to conceive, create, and share your own Whiteboard video.