I've been with Euclid now for over 16 months and I have seen my social interactions grow, my email open rate grow and my site rankings grow.  So i felt obligated to take a moment and say thank you and let you know the product you offer is of great value to me and my staff.  I can rest assure that our Social Network, online content and SEO development are well taken care of.  Keep up the good work, here is to more growth in 2014

Ronald Barrow

I turned my social networking development over to Euclid just over 1 year ago and have seen a constant development of my social audience.  They are micro targeted and responsive to our postings.  We have seen an increase in traffic from our social networks to our site and thus a rise in conversion because of our investment in our social presence.  Thank you Euclid for guiding us and more importantly for showing us the results we were expecting.   Here's a long fruitful relationship.  All the best.


Lisa Whistler , Consultant

We are traditionalist and our business model has for many years been done with a handshake and good old fashion yellow page advertising.  But I would be lying to you if i said all was well last year.  We had to wake up to the start reality that having a presence on the internet in and of itself was not enough.  We were referred to Euclid Marketing and they were very helpful from the start.  They understood our hesitation and concerns and really held our hand during the entire transition.  We had them re design our website (which we love) and then start us off slow in creating a social network campaign to get our feet wet.  We followed up after 6 months with a start pack SEO program and now are seeing our keywords relative to our business ranking.  We are a local business and it's really nice to see we have a shot at offering our products to our community.  I'm really glad we found Euclid.  Thank you for all the hard work.  You are worth every penny.

Mr. John Anderson , Designer