Virtual Employee Program

Hire a virtual employee to update your site and make social postings for you

virtual employee program by euclid marketing

Your virtual employee can be utilized in many ways to help take the stress off of you so you can focus on doing what you do best and that's running your business. Your virtual employee can update your website, do data entry work or even make daily social posts for you on Facebook or Twitter.

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$25 an hour with a one hour min. per week.

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Let us help you so you can focus on running your business

Euclid offers the Virtual Employee Program to bring one of our experienced technicians right to you, virtually.

Rather than hiring a part time or full time employee to help you with the management and development of your site, as well as investing the time and money into their training and taxes, let one of Euclid’s trained technicians handle the work for you.

For $25 an hour (and a minimum of 1 hour a week) one of Euclid’s technicians will maintain and update your site, keep up on research and tend to your social media outreach.

Your virtual employee will contact you once a week to find out what you’d like to work on and what you’d like updated on the site. The virtual employee will work on Daily Social Posts, which includes research and posting on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter for your business, utilizing the 80/20 principal.

The Virtual Employee Program is a smart way to maintain and further your internet presence. The internet waters can be choppy, and Euclid has the experience and knowledge to guide you through them. The convenience comes from knowing that there is someone paying attention to your business and working with you to keep your website updated and your social media presence active.

What’s even better is that they work only the amount you want them to work. No sense paying someone to simply sit around, when Euclid can monitor and continue to develop your site for you. Now you can focus on what you do best; taking care of business. Euclid can be there with you every step of the way, and with the Virtual Employee Program, we’ll stay by your side and help make sure that your online presence is the best it can be.

Call 818 822 2500 and ask to learn more about the Virtual Employee program.