Social Network Development

Two Social Network Development Packages to serve you.

social networking by euclid marketing

Your personal and dedicated hip, slick and cool social researchers will know your market environment, trending topics and post relevant and engaging content for you daily on Facebook and cross post on Twitter. Our team utilizes the 80/20 social rule to a science and with relevant #hashtags the synergy waiting your social pages is around the corner. It’s really important to your audience to see that you have an active and relevant social life, its part of the way business is done. So do what you do best, focus on your business and let our team worry about posting on your social pages.
Service Cost: $200 a month

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With the comprehensive development package you get everything listed above in the Daily Poster service plus a starter development program designed just for your company to garnish qualified Facebook fans to likes and follow your Facebook page. We focus on getting you users that fit the demographic of people who are most likely audience that will utilize your product or service. We will look at where they live, their spending habits and social likes. We will create ads and manage Facebook ads for you that entice these users to visit your Facebook page and like you.  This package guarantees 400 qualified Facebook users a month to your page.  Let's grow your social pages today and get you socially active today.
Service Cost: $595 a month

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Why Becoming a social butterfly is important?

In order to build your web-based business you need a strong social media presence. A well-liked Facebook page and a strong Twitter following require the equation of effort plus know-how in order to grow and develop.

Even Facebook and Twitter only fill in a portion of the circle. Euclid can help build out your social media presence and guide you towards smart and practical ways to get people talking about your posts, your photos, your videos, or whatever else you bring to the social media table.

It is a solid social media presence that helps influence your rankings on Google and other search engines for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and that requires on-going interaction with clients and fans, as well as potential business opportunities and connections.

It is important to interact with your fan base regularly. This can be done through a solid and active social media presence. Examples of ways to do this can be via constant news and blog posts, as well as keeping customers informed about new products, information and offers available to them.

There are apps that can help a business run contests, post surveys, offer coupons and white papers to entice fans to “share”, “like”, and “re-tweet” your posts.

Get out there and be a social butterfly! No longer can one simply rely on a website to attract fans. Search engines take ones social media presence into account when ranking search results, and the more people are talking about you, the better.

Let your website be your base and your social media presence be part of your formula for success. Draw people in to your product, your brand and your idea, as well as your website. There is a myriad of ways to interest people in your services. Euclid can help show you the way.