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Two seo package to Help you launch.

SEO by Euclid Marketing

Getting into the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world can be a daunting experience and honestly we’ve come across many clients who are gun shy about who to trust and who not to trust. This is understandable and that’s why we’ve created a starter package in order for you to get to know your in house team and see their works in transparency. We want you to get a taste of how we work and the results that are waiting for you. With this starter package we will optimize and develop 5 pages on your website for you with all possible relative keywords.
Service Cost: $875 a month

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With the comprehensive development we take over the entire site and get to work on getting every single page on your site ranked on the most prominent search engines. Our staff will optimize all your pages, write content for your page and develop an ongoing blog for you, create synergistic online relationships, develop and create an inbound link campaign, write press releases and more. You will have a bird’s eye view of all the work, time, effort and development that will go into your campaign though an online shared portal. You will see the results as they come in black and white.
Service Cost: $2495 a month and up

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SEO results in black and white.

There are a lot of websites out there. Euclid Marketing knows this. Google knows this. You know this.

To make your company stand out from the roar of the online crowd, Euclid utilizes digestible Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

Search Engine Optimization is how to get your website seen and noticed by Google. It is how to climb to the top of a Google search page, as well as how to stay there.

There are two specific angles to focus on when considering SEO strategies:

The first is On-Site SEO.

On Site SEO means the things you put on your website to make it visible to Googlebots and other search engines algorithms. You can do this by using specific keywords in your copy content to attract search engines.

Developing website content is another strong example of on-site SEO. The way a site is organized and optimized can make it more attractive to SEO. Other such strategies are the way that pages are tagged and titled as well as how their descriptions are labeled. Well maintained and updated blogs are noticed by search engines, as well as pages that link back to blog posts.

The second strategy is Off-Site SEO.

Euclid works to identify and isolate your target audience.

Off-Site SEO requires ongoing attention and Euclid does this by looking at your brand and your website. We look at what kind of business you are and ask how clients can find out about you. We look at where people are visiting your site from and what sorts of things are they paying attention to, as well as which topics they find interesting and interact with.

By understanding ones customer, you can understand how to best reach them. It is important to know what kinds of websites they visit and how they interact with them. And, very importantly, what would make them want to buy your product?

It is Euclid’s job to lift your company above the online noise in the saturated internet marketplace and get you to stand out among your competitors. Our strategies are designed to lead to increased website traffic and social media conversation.

The internet is vast and crowded. Let Euclid take you above the noise.