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Every industry is different and it’s important to capture your audience’s attention appropriately. Call to action design templates that are integrated with your brand are an important way to see conversions from your emails that you send to your email audience. Our creative design team are standing by to create your custom email templates today.

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Add a monthly management service to this option and never again worry about if and when your emails get created and if they are sent out on time. We will take care of everything. Our team will communicate with you to discuss what products and services you want to promote for the month or week, depending on how often you want to email your clients and take care of the scheduling, overseeing the design process and even sending out the email out for you.

Service Cost: $125 a mo.

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Email marketing in style done right.

In the rise and fall of social networks, with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter holding so much sway and ability for people and businesses to broadcast information in the matrix that we call the World Wide Web, what is it about e-mail that has such lasting power?

We at Euclid Marketing feel that there is still a personal connection to one’s e-mail inbox. E-mail is one of the oldest forms of online communication, where people made their first thumbprint on the web as people began to customize their personal internet experience.

People can complain about their e-mail being overrun with junk mail that they will never pay attention to, but that doesn’t stop people checking one’s e-mail first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

E-mail is a remarkably powerful tool, but only when one understands how to use it. No other form of online communication can pinpoint and draw a straight line to exactly the person you want to target.

An e-mail list can be the most valuable tool in your arsenal. While social media is vastly important, it is an e-mail list where your biggest fans will want to hear what you have to say and be happy to receive communication from you.

Euclid can help guide your e-mail marketing with razor-like precision, navigating the peaks and valleys of online marketing, and giving you the tools to have beautiful, customizable and clickable messages. Euclid Marketing can bring your message to people’s inbox so you can get your point across in an easy to create and well-designed way.

There is a lot of noise on the Internet, and a lot of people trying to reach out and get users to pay attention. E-mail is a remarkably powerful tool to focus your message on people’s screens.