Pay Per Click PPC Management Company

PPC Management can be a tricky proposition.

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The key factors are to find a PPC Management team who's experienced and that can be worth their management fee.  It's creating the right formula between the ppc management fee, what you spend with Google or any other Search engine outfit and the ROI or the return on your investment via conversions.   It's not rocket science but it requires a team who experience with PPC management that can bring the CPC (Cost Per Click) down so you can see and reap the benefits of a new revenue stream via conversions.  Before accepting a client we analyze their industry and candidly give them an idea of what it will take to get a return on their investment.  They will have a clear idea between our PPC management fee, their direct spending with the search engine company, how much they will need to spend before seeing their investment turn into a new revenue stream.

Our fee is based on the direct amount spent with the search engine and each industry is different.  Please contact us so we can give you feedback and specific information pertaining to your company and industry.  The starting package for PPC Management is $2495.
Service Cost: $2495 a month and up

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