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Social signals such as Facebook Likes, Google plus 1s and Twitter tweets could be one of the biggest website ranking factors for 2016. Although Google denies that these social signals are used “directly” in their current ranking algorithms – the data shows otherwise. There is a strong linear correlation between a website’s search engine rankings and the amount of social signals that website has. And this correlation has been growing even stronger; especially in the past few years.   One reason for Google’s apparent preference to using social signals as a ranking factor could be just because Google loves “Brands.” The search engine giant really likes to see companies going out and establishing brand awareness, because many fly-by-night operations don’t spend much time of such things. It should be no surprise then that branding is a sign of authority to Google, and the search engine rewards authority. That where social signals come into play. Most often social signals are used with brand anchors (like “Widgets USA”) or raw URLs (like “”) which are powerful branding signals. Generating social “buzz” is a great way to show Google your website is concerned about its brand, and can result in more search engine traffic.   Social signals are amazing for delivering direct website traffic all on their own. Facebook Likes can be followed by other Facebook users who will land on your website from the link. Pure website traffic is a ranking factor itself, and can result in better search results. So there is a “snowball effect” in play; direct traffic from social sharing results in better search engine ranks, which turns into even more traffic.   Internet marketers and website owners who rely solely on backlinks are living in past, and are missing a major part of current off-page search engine optimization. In 2016 social signals will become increasingly important for a website to have, and should not be over-looked.